Wallkill River Water Trail Public Access Points

Last Updated: May 26, 2019

The purpose of the map above is to identify access points for paddlers (rafts, canoes, kayaks) to enter and exit the Wallkill River. Click on any of the launch points for details and photos of the location. If you have any corrections or suggestions, please send an email to paddlethewallkill@gmail.com or fill out the survey below.

River Flow Conditions

Low Water: under 1000 cfs (cubic feet per second). May be too shallow and will require portage in some sections

Moderate Water: 1000-2000 cfs (cubic feet per second). Navigable in most sections. Some rapids.

High Water: above 2000 cfs (cubic feet per second). May encounter rapids or swift moving water in some sections

Wallkill River Flow Rate